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Ph.D. candidates

Beum Jin Park

Research interest: Electrochemical catalyst, Metal-air battery, Chemical catalyst

Jeong Seok Yeon

Research interest: Cathode materials architecturing and separator coating for lithium-sulfur batteries, Advanced lithium-ion batteries

Jeong Hee Park

Research interest: Design polymer electrolyte and separator for energy storage devices

Jae Min Park

Research interest: Lithium sulfur battery and hybrid capacitor with sulfur based electrode

Puritut Nakhanivej

Research interest: 2D materials, surface chemistries, supercapacitors, energy storage

Qing Liu

Research interest: LDH-based separator modification, LSB cathode

(KRRI collaborative student)

Min Sung Choi

Research interest: Organic nanomaterial for electrode, Carbon nanostructure, Sodium based energy storage

Min Gyu Jung

Research interest: 2D materials and organic electrode for supercapacitor

Kang Ho Shin

Research interest: Sodium-ion batteries and capacitors, Flexible full cell application

Yingbo Kang

Research interest: Novel 2D Layer-structured nanomaterials exfoliation, graphene/2D nanomaterial compound for electric device

Yeon Ju Kwon


Research interest:

(KRICT collaborative student)


Master candidates

Sang Ha Baek

Research interest:

Tae Ho Park

Research interest:

(KETI collaborative student)

Hong Dae Lee

Research interest:

Young Hun Ko

Research interest:

Gun Jang

Research interest:

Tae Hun Kang

Research interest:

Min Jun Hwang

Research interest:

Hyo Won Bae


Research interest:

Min Su Kang

Research interest: Vanadium based materials for energy storage

Jun Su Kim

Research interest: Electrolyte additive surface analyses

Jung Woo Hong

Research interest:

Dong Wook Kim

Research interest:

Tae Hyeon Kim

Research interest: Si-anode materials architecturing & coating for LIB

(KETI collaborative student)

Dong Hyun Min

Research interest:

Hwi Joong Kim

Research interest:

Sang Jun Lee


Research interest:


Post Docs.

Xiaotong Han, Ph.D.

Research interest: The fabrication of 2D nanomaterials for electrocatalysis (OER, ORR, and HER), water splitting and metal-air battery

Qingyun Dou, Ph.D.

Research interest: Anion storage materials, High-voltage electrolytes, Multivalent batteries.

Xiong Peixun, Ph.D.

Research interest: 2D nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage devices

Rana Harpalsinh, Ph.D.

Research interest:

Jun Myeong Kim, Ph.D.


Research interest:


Visiting scholar

Visiting member

Haocheng Yuan

Research interest: Anode materials and electrode-electrolyte interphase for LIB and SIB

Yun Jin Cho


Research interest:



Hyun Soo Kim



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