Research team  

Current members


Ph.D. candidates


Jeong Seok Yeon

Research interest: Cathode materials architecturing and separator coating for lithium-sulfur batteries, Advanced lithium-ion batteries


Jeong Hee Park

Research interest: Additive Development and Interfacial Analysis for Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes

Jae Min Park.jpg

Jae Min Park

Research interest: Lithium sulfur battery and hybrid capacitor with sulfur based electrode


Puritut Nakhanivej

Research interest: 2D materials, surface chemistries, supercapacitors, energy storage

Qing Liu.jpg

Qing Liu

Research interest: LDH-based separator modification, LSB cathode

(KRRI collaborative student)

Yeon Ju Kwon.jpg

Yeon Ju Kwon


Research interest:

(KRICT collaborative student)


Min Sung Choi

Research interest: Organic nanomaterial for electrode, Carbon nanostructure, Sodium based energy storage


Min Gyu Jung

Research interest: 2D materials and organic electrode for supercapacitor


Kang Ho Shin

LAB Manager

Research interest: Sodium-ion batteries and capacitors, Flexible full cell application

Jun Su Kim.png

Jun Su Kim

Research interest: Electrolyte additive surface analyses

Yingbo Kang.jpg

Yingbo Kang

Research interest: Novel 2D Layer-structured nanomaterials exfoliation, graphene/2D nanomaterial compound for electric device


Master candidates

Sang Ha Baek.jpg

Sang Ha Baek

Research interest:

Hong Dae Lee.jpg

Hong Dae Lee

Research interest:


Gun Jang

Research interest:

Tae Hun Kang.jpg

Tae Hun Kang

Research interest:

Min Jun Hwang.jpg

Min Jun Hwang

Research interest:

Yun Sang Joe.jpg

Yun Sang Joe

Research interest:

배효원 20200822.jpg

Hyo Won Bae

Research interest: All Solid State Batteries polymer electrolyte

(KRICT collaborative student)

Won Il Kim.jpg

Won Il Kim

Research interest:

Jung Woo Hong.jpg

Jung Woo Hong

Research interest:

Dong Wook Kim.jpg

Dong Wook Kim

Research interest:

Tae Hyeon Kim.jpg

Tae Hyeon Kim

Research interest: Si-anode materials architecturing & coating for LIB

(KETI collaborative student)

Dong Hyun Min.jpg

Dong Hyun Min

Research interest:

Hwi Joong Kim.jpg

Hwi Jung Kim

Research interest:

Sang Jun Lee.jpg

Sang Jun Lee

Research interest:

Gu Gyo Eun.jpg

Gu Gyo Eun

Research interest:

(Ekyung Chemical Co. collaborative student)

Hye Rin Park.jpg

Hye Rin Park

Research interest:


Post Docs.

Xiaotong Han.jpg

Xiaotong Han, Ph.D.

Research interest: The fabrication of 2D nanomaterials for electrocatalysis (OER, ORR, and HER), water splitting and metal-air battery

Qingyou Dou.jpg

Qingyun Dou, Ph.D.

Research interest: Anion storage materials, High-voltage electrolytes, Multivalent batteries.

Peixun Xiong.jpg

Peixun Xiong, Ph.D.

Research interest: 2D nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage devices


Rana Harpalsinh, Ph.D.

Research interest:

Student icon.png

Jun Myeong Kim, Ph.D.


Research interest:

Jeong Yeon Lee.jpg

Jeong Yeon Lee, Ph.D.

Research interest: Design of advanced electrodes for the next-generation secondary batteries


Visiting member

Yoon Jin Cho.jpg

Yoon Jin Cho


Undergraduate student at University of Wisconsin

Hyun Gyu Jo.jpg

Hyun Gyu Jo

Undergraduate student at Sungkyunkwan University


Student icon.png

Hyun Soo Kim