For members

New members


If you are a newly joined member of ESEM laboratory, please read the important details below.


- Provide the following information to webmaster ( to make your information online.

- Full name

- Research interest

- E-mail address

- Photograph

- Refer to Our instruments for the understanding of personnel in charge of each service, personnel in charge of each instrument, and list of our lab instruments.

- Refer to Experiment protocol for the understanding of the protocol of each instrument to avoid the accidents and unwanted mistakes during the running of the experiment.

- Complete the safety education online class ( within 2 weeks of every semester.


Team meeting


All members will have a team meeting with Prof. frequently. Please read the details below for team meeting preparation. 


- Before the team meeting, you should prepare the presentation materials including Progress report (for every team meeting) and Monthly report (only at the end of the month) one by one and submit these materials to Beum Jin Park ( He will collect and pass them to Prof. The deadline for presentation materials submission will be announced by his e-mail.

- After finish the team meeting, you have to upload the presentation materials on our lab dropbox in the progress folder.

- The meeting language will be Korean for Korean members and English for foreigner members.


Lab seminar


All members will participate in the weekly lab seminar on Saturday. Please read the details below for lab seminar preparation and attention.


- The presenter will be orderly rotated week by week.

- The list of topics and order of presenter can be found in Lab seminar.

- For the presenter, you must prepare the seminar material and send to every member before the seminar date one day via email. You may upload the seminar material on our lab dropbox after the seminar finish. The options of the seminar scope are as follows;

1. Presentation about your own research figuring out storyline.

- Seem like the presentation in the conference or thesis defense.

- No full data are OK, but storyline should be cleared with your future work.

2. Presentation about recent papers related to your work.

- High impact journal.

- Most recent within 5 years paper.

- For the attendances, you must come to the seminar room on time. After finish the presentation, every attendance will be asked to have at least one question to the presenter.



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