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JH Lee and TH Lee et al, "Chemical modification of ordered/disordered carbon nanostructures for metal hosts and electrocatalysts of lithium-air batteries", Infomat, 2022, In press
YJ Kwon et al, "Thermally conducting yet electrically insulating epoxy nanocomposites containing aluminum@electrochemically exfoliated graphene hybrid", Composites Part A: Appl. Sci. Manuf., 2022, 152, 106675
 JH Lee and JS Yeon et al, "Accelerated Li-Ion Transport through a Zwitterion-Anchored Separator for High-Performance Li-S Batteries",  J. Mater, Chem, A. 2021, 9, 25463-25473
Qing Liu et al, "Multiphase and Multicomponent Nickel-Iron Oxide Heterostructure as an Efficient Separator Modification Layer for Advanced Lithium Sulfur Batteries", Batteries & Supercaps, 2021, 4, 1-8