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Ho Seok Park


Number   +82-31-299-4715

Office       Engineering building 2, 25415

Director, Center for 2D Redox Energy Storage (2DRES)

Director, Center for Next-Generation Energy Materials

Member, Young Korean Academy Science & Technology (Y-KAST)

SKKU Fellow & Core Faculty, School of Chemical Engineering, Samsung Advanced Institute of Health Science & Technology (SAIHST), SKKU Advanced Institute of Nano Technology (SAINT)

Ho Seok Park.jpg

Professional Experience

2020.09. - Current : 

Director, Center for Next-Generation Energy Materials

2020.06. - Current : 

Director, Center for 2D Redox Energy Storage (2DRES)

2018.01. – Current :

Concurrent Professor, SKKU Advanced Institute of Nano Technology (SAINT), Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

2016.01. – Current :

Concurrent Professor, Samsung Advanced Institute of Health Science & Technology (SAIHST), Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

2014.09. – Current :
Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)


2010.03. – 2014.08 :
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyung Hee University


2008.12. – 2010.02 :
Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT


2008.06. – 2008.11
Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for energy materials, KIST


2005.03. – 2008.08

Ph.D in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST, Korea

2022.01. – Current

Guest editor, “Materials Today Energy” (IF=8.38, Elsevier)

2021.01. – Current

Associate editor, “Energy Storage & Saving” (IF pending, Elsevier)

2021.01. – Current

Guest editor, “InfoMat” (IF=25.405, Wiley)

2020.01. – Current

Guest editor, “Advanced Functional Materials” (IF=18.808, Wiley)

2020.01. – Current

Associate editor, “Nano select” (IF pending, Wiley)

2018.01. – Current

Editorial board, “Materials” (IF=3.632, MDPI)

2017.01. – Current

Editorial board, “Batteries & Supercaps” (IF=7.093, Wiley)

2017.01. – Current

Associate editor, “Carbon Letters” (IF=1.78, Springers)

2017.01. – 2018.12.

Editorial board, “Macromolecular Research” (IF=2.047, Springers)

Honors & Awards

Academician, Korean Academy of Science and Technology, KAST (2024)

SungKyun Nobel Prize in Sungkyunkwan University (2023)

SKKU Fellow in Sungkyunkwan University (2023)

Young Scientist Award, S-OIL (2022)

Research Award, Capacitor branch, The Korean Electrochemical Society (2021)

EnSM Young Scientist Award, Energy Storage Materials (Elsevier) (2020)
SKKU Excellence in Research Award, SKKU (2020)
Member, Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology, Y-KAST (2019)
Commendation from Minister, Ministry of Science and ICT (2019)
Fellowship, LG Yeonam Foundation (2019)
The Best 100 Researches of Korea, Ministry of Science and ICT (2019)
NRF The Scientist of the Month (2019)
LG Chem. Young Professor Award (2019)
SKKU Fellow in Sungkyunkwan University (2019)
SAIHST Arrow Award in Samsung Advanced Institute of Health Science & Technologies (2019)
Emerging Young Investigator in Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) (2018)
Best paper award in the journal of J. Ind. & Eng. Chem. (2017)
Miwon Award for Young Researcher (2017)
Top 3 Korean young researcher in the engineering part by Jung Ang Ilbo (2016)
Best paper award in the journal of J. Ind. & Eng. Chem. (2016)
Excellent research for nanotechnology in NRF (2015)
Excellent paper in KOSUA (2015, 2019)
Excellent lecture award in Kyung Hee university (2010)
KAIST, Amchun’s Paper Award (2008)
Post-Doctoral Fellowship by Korea Research Foundation (2008. 12 – 2009.11)
Kim Young Han’s Global leader scholarship (2005. 3 – 2008. 3)

Representative Publications

  1. Qingyun Dou, Nan Yao, Wei Kong Pang, Yeonju Park, Peixun Xiong, Xiaotong Han, Harpalsinh H. Rana, Xiang Chen, Zhong-Heng Fu, Lars Thomsen, Bruce Cowie, Yingbo Kang, Qin Liu, Dong Hyun Min, Young Mee Jung, Zaiping Guo, Qiang Zhang* and Ho Seok Park*, “Unveiling solvation structure and desolvation dynamics of hybrid electrolytes for ultralong cyclability and facile kinetics of Zn–Al alloy anodes”, Energy Environ. Sci., 2022, 15, 4572–4583. Cover

   2. Qingyun Dou, Nanzhong Wu, Haocheng Yuan, Kang Ho Shin, Yongbing Tang, David Mitlin and Ho Seok Park*, “Emerging trends in anion

       storage materials for the capacitive and hybrid energy storage and beyond”, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2021, 50, 6734-6789. Cover

   3. Puritut Nakhanivej, Qingyun Dou, Peixun Xiong and Ho Seok Park*, “Two-Dimensional Pseudocapacitive Nanomaterials for High-Energy

       and High-Power-Oriented Applications of Supercapacitors”, Acc. Mater. Res., 2021, 2, 86-96. Invited, Cover

   4. Milan Jana, Rui Xu, Xin-Bing Cheng, Jeong Seok Yeon, Jae Min Park, Jia-Qi Huang*, Qiang Zhang* and Ho Seok Park*, “Rational Design of 

       Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries” Energy Environ. Sci., 2020, 13, 1049-1075. Cover 

   5. Haocheng Yuan, Fengxin Ma, Xianbin Wei, Jin‐Le Lan*, Yuan Liu, Yunhua Yu*, Xiaoping Yang and Ho Seok Park*, “Ionic‐Conducting and

       Robust Multilayered Solid Electrolyte Interphases for Greatly Improved Rate and Cycling Capabilities of Sodium Ion Full Cells”, Adv. Energy

       Mater., 2020, 10, 2001418. Cover

   6. Jae Min Park, Milan Jana, Puritut Nakhanivej, Bo-Kyong Kim and Ho Seok Park*, “Facile Multivalent Redox Chemistries in Water-in-Bisalt

       Hydrogel Electrolytes for Hybrid Energy Storage Full Cells”, ACS Energy Lett., 2020, 5, 1054-1061. Cover

   7. Puritut Nakhanivej, Xu Yu, Sul Ki Park, Soo Kim, Jin Yong Hong, Hae Jin Kim, Wonki Lee, Jun Yeon Hwang, Ji Eun Yang, Chris Wolverton, Jing

       Kong, Manish Chhowalla and Ho Seok Park*, “Revealing Molecular-Level Surface Redox Sites of Controllably Oxidized Black Phosphorus

       Nanosheets”, Nature Materials, 2019, 18, 156-162. The Best 100 Researches of Korea in 2019

   8. Girish Sambhaji Gund, Jeong Hee Park, Rana Harpalsinh, Manikantan Kota, Joo Hwan Shin, Tae-il Kim, Yury Gogotsi* and Ho Seok Park*,

        “MXene/Polymer Hybrid Materials for Flexible AC Filtering Electrochemical Capacitors”, Joule, 2019, 3, 1-13.Cover


   9. Qingyong Wang, Yumei Luo, Ruizuo Hou, Shahid Zaman, Kai Qi, Hongfang Liu, Ho Seok Park*, Bao Yu Xia*, “Redox Tuning in Crystalline and

       Electronic Structure of Bimetal–Organic Frameworks Derived Cobalt/Nickel Boride/Sulfide for Boosted Faradaic Capacitance”, Adv. Mater.,

       2019, 31, 1905744. 

   10. Jiyoung Kim, Min-Sung Choi, Kang Ho Shin, Manikantan Kota, Yingbo Kang, Soojung Lee, Jun Young Lee* and Ho Seok Park*, “Rational

         Design of Carbon Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Sodium Storage and Capture”, Adv. Mater., 2019, 31, 1803444. Invited review, Cover

   11. Jeong Seok Yeon, Sol Yun, Jae Min Park and Ho Seok Park*, “Radially Assembled Open-Porous Graphene Microspheres for Lithium-Sulfur

         Batteries”, ACS Nano, 2019, 13, 5163-5171. Cover

   12. Xu Yu, Sol Yun, Jeong Seok Yeon, Pallab Bhattacharya, Libin Wang, Seung Woo Lee, Xianluo Hu and Ho Seok Park*, “Emergent

         Pseudocapacitance of 2D Nanomaterials”, Adv. Energy Mater., 2018, 8, 1702930. Cover

   13. Pallab Bhattacharya, Manikantan Kota, Dong Hoon Suh, Kwang Chul Roh and Ho Seok Park*, “Biomimetic Spider-Web-Like Composites

         for Enhanced Rate Capability and Cycle Life of Lithium Ion Battery Anodes”, Adv. Energy Mater., 2017, 7, 1700331. Cover

   14. Qasim Mahmood, Sul Ki Park, Kideok D. Kwon, Sung−Jin Chang, Jin−Yong Hong, Guozhen Shen, Young Mee Jung, Tae Jung Park, Sung Woon

         Khang, Woo Sik Kim, Jing Kong and Ho Seok Park*, "Transition from Diffusion-Controlled Intercalation into Extrinsically Pseudocapacitive

         Charge Storage of MoS2 by Nanoscale Heterostructuring", Adv. Energy Mater., 2016, 6, 1501115. Cover

   15. Qasim Mahmood, Min Gyu Kim, Sol Yun, Seongmin Bak, Xiao-Qing Yang, Hyeon Suk Shin, Woo Sik Kim, Paul V. Braun and Ho Seok Park*,

         “Unveiling Surface Redox Charge Storage in Two-Dimensional Hetero-nanosheets Assembled Hierarchical Architectures”, Nano Lett., 2015,

         15, 2269-2277.

   16. Byung Chul Kim, Jin-Yong Hong, Gordon G. Wallace and Ho Seok Park*, “Recent Progress in Flexible Electrochemical Capacitors: Electrode

         Materials, Device Configuration, and Functions”, Adv. Energy Mater., 2015, 5, 1500959. Cover

   17. HJinkyu Im, Sung Yun Hong, Youngeun Cheon, Jeesun Lee, Je Seung Lee, Hoon Sik Kim*, Minserk Cheong,* and Ho Seok Park*, "Steric

         Hinderance-induced zwitterionic carbonates from alkanolamines and CO2: highly efficient CO2 absorbents", Energy Environ. Sci., 2011, 4,


   18. Bong Gill Choi, Jin Kee Hong, Young Chul Park, Doo Hwan Jung, Won Hi Hong, Paula Hammond and Ho Seok Park*, “Innovative Polymer

         Nanocomposite Electrolytes: Nanoscale Manipulation of Ion Channels by Functionalized Graphenes”, ACS Nano, 2011, 5, 5167–5174.

   19. Bong Gill Choi, Jin Kee Hong, Won Hi Hong, Paula T. Hammond* and Ho Seok Park*, "Facilitated Ion Transport in All Solid-State Flexible

         Supercapacitor", ACS Nano, 2011, 5, 7205-7213.

   20. Phan Huy Hoang, Ho Seok Park*, and Dong-Pyo Kim, "Ultrafast and Continuous Synthesis of Unaccommodating Inorganic Nanomaterials

         in Droplet & Ionic Liquid Assisted Microfluidic System", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 14765-14770.

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