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Member Notification

New Members

If you are a newly joined member of ESEM laboratory, please read the important details below.

   · Full name   · Research interest   · E-mail address   · Photograph

  • Refer to Our instruments for the understanding of personnel in charge of each service, personnel in charge of each instrument, and list of our lab instruments.

  • Refer to Experiment protocol for the understanding of the protocol of each instrument to avoid the accidents and unwanted mistakes during the running of the experiment.

  • Complete the safety education online class ( within 2 weeks of every semester.

Team & Personal Meeting

All members will have a team and/or a personal meeting with Prof. frequently. Please read the details below for a team and/or personal meeting preparation. 


  • Before the meeting, you should prepare the presentation materials displaying your Progress individually and submit your material to Dong Hyun Min ( He will collect and pass them to Prof. The deadline for presentation materials submission will be announced by his e-mail.

  • After finish the meeting, you have to upload the presentation materials on our lab dropbox in the progress folder.

  • The meeting language will be Korean for Korean members and English for foreign members.

Lab Seminar

All members will participate in the monthly lab seminar on Thursday. Please read the details below for lab seminar preparation and attention.

  • The presenter will be orderly rotated (5 presenters per month).

  • The list of topics and orders of the presenter can be found in Lab seminar.

  • For the presenter, you must prepare the seminar material and send it to Dong Hyun Min ( one week before the seminar day.

  • A presentation should include your own research figuring out the storyline.

  • Like the presentation in the official conference or thesis defense.

  • No full data are OK, but the storyline should be cleared with your future work.

  • For attendance, you must come to the seminar room on time. Feel free to have comments or questions to the presenter.

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