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Electrocatalysis and electrosorption for H2, O2, and CO2

Research Interest

Electrocatalysis and electrosorption for H2, O2, and CO2

The ever increasing concerns on energy crisis and environmental pollution have stimulated considerable research interest in the development of renewable energy storage and conversion technologies. Electrochemical conversion and sorption of H2, O2, CO2, and alkali ions are crucial for developing highly efficient electrochemical systems such as metal-air battery, fuel cells, electrolyzer, CO2 utilization, and desalination. We are investigating into the rational design of electrocatalysts with highly active, multiple, or stable active sites along with the following topics. 

  • Multifunctional electrocatalysis for battery powered electrolyzer

  • O2 electrocatalysis for metal-air batteries and fuel cells

  • CO2 conversion

  • Electrosorption for desalination



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